Reasons to Ride a Limo on Your Wedding Day 

There are a lot of ways that you and your wife/husband can get to and from your wedding venue. A couple of individuals prefer to drive their cars, others like riding a carriage with a horse, while some still are not sure what to look for.  


If you’re thinking about your ride during your wedding day, have you ever thought about a limousine? Oftentimes, limousines for weddings are overlooked as an excellent transportation option.  

People immediately think that limos are only for proms, rich businessmen, celebrities, and black-tie events.  

Well, that is not the case at all. Today, we’re going to share with you several reasons why you should consider a Waikiki limo service for your wedding day. 

It Suits Any Theme 

Most weddings usually have some type of theme. A lot of people try to pick transportation that will suit their wedding’s theme. For instance, if you’re having a seaside wedding, you might need a boat. If you’re having a royal-themed wedding, you might need a carriage.  

So, how can a limousine fit any wedding theme? 

Keep in mind that these other themed wedding transportation options are great. Unfortunately, they cost a lot of money. Though the cost of limos is not that cheap as well, they are still the most practical and cost-effective options compared to other themed ones.  

In addition to that, limousines are extremely versatile. Thus, you can guarantee that it will be appropriate for whatever theme you have.  

It is Cozy 

Limos are cozy. Indeed, you might fit all of your friends inside a small minivan. However, is that really how you want to arrive at the venue? Keep in mind that you want to look as perfect as possible when you arrive at the venue.  

A lot of brides opt for clumsy and large dresses. Any high-quality ballgown is not going to fit in most cars with a small space. Luckily, this is not an issue with a limo. 

Furthermore, limos also provide some type of amenities. Perhaps you want to drink before you arrive at the venue. Perhaps you want to ensure everyone is hydrated before the party. With a limo, you won’t have to worry about these things.  

It Makes a Statement 

Your wedding is perhaps one of the most memorable days in your life. Because of this, you want to make your guests remember it.  

Though a couple of individuals are more modest and demur about their weddings, perhaps you’re the type of person who wants to go all-out.  

It is your day. You probably want to tell the entire town about it.  

What do you think when you see a limo driving around? You probably think that someone important is inside it. A lot of people associate limousines with high-profile individuals.  

If you rent a limo for your wedding, you can get the same type of attention when you drive around the city. It may appear a little extra. However, it’s the only day in your life where you’ll be the center of attention. Thus, you should make sure people know about it.  

Major Tips for First Time Luxury Car Renters

If you want to know the best tips on how to deal with the process of exotic car rental for any occasion for the first time, keep on reading below to know more: 


Check out insurance options 

Most car rental firms that offer luxury car rental options will be insured in case any damage takes place during the period of the rental. Apparently, this is on the condition that the driver is insured as well. Hence, make sure to obtain your insurance and ask the agent of your chosen luxury car rental about their insurance policies. It might be a great idea to obtain stand-alone waiver police, just to guarantee that you’re covered if ever the windscreen gets even a small scratch.  

Determine Your Needs 

Obviously, you would need to precisely know what you want to do with your exotic vehicle rental. If you would like to do a summer trip down the coastline on a holiday, perhaps you’ll enjoy renting a convertible. However, when you want to rent an exotic car to impress a few clients while having a night out on the town, renting something classic like Bentley or a limousine might be a greater option. 

Know Your Limitations 

The rules and regulations for renting a luxury vehicle may slightly differ from one car rental company to the other. Other companies may even require that the driver should be older than 25 years old. Such restriction is set to make sure that the risk of the company is lowered and that the drivers are responsible. Most leading car rental companies will impose the number of miles limit that you can drive. Once you go beyond this, you could be charged an extra fee. Hence, ensure that you’ve verified with your luxury car rental representative about their policies about such limitations.  

Do your homework 

Doing some research in advance is the best thing you can start doing. Take a look at various car rental firms and select the top 3 among all of them. After determining them, you can either contact their car rental representatives to discuss your needs or browse their site to look for more details about them. This must be done to exactly know what you’ll be getting yourself into beforehand.  

Costing Differences 

In terms of different models and makes of luxury cars, there will be a price difference. For instance, if you choose to rent an Audi or a Ford luxury car, you won’t probably pay that much. But if you want to rent a Bentley or Rolls Royce, expect that the rental prices could drastically increase. One more thing you should factor in is when you book it for. As you know, luxury vehicles are extremely popular that you may need to schedule in advance to make sure that the car you want will be available to be used for the exact date that you need it. 

Regardless of the costs, exotic car rental is worth investing in given that you have weighed in the advantages and disadvantages evenly. If interested, contact us to book for appointment.